Quality Engineering (QE) and Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V)

As our original service offering, BSC has evolved our Quality Engineering and IV&V technology to increase its effectiveness while complying with government and industry guidelines. Our focus on risk identification and reduction contributes significantly to program success. BSC's IV&V/QE processes are based on objective evidence, thus ensuring a sound basis for findings.

  • IV&V Trusted Agents
  • "Tailored" IV&V Support Applied to Major Military and Civilian Agencies
  • Team Building Approach with Development Team
  • Process and Product Assessments
  • ISO 9001, IEEE 12027
  • FIPS Pub 132 / IEEE IV&V Standards
  • Adaptable to All System Architectures and Methodologies
  • Focused on Objective Evidence
  • Risk Detection, Analysis, and Reporting Systems
  • Requirements Traceability and Management
  • Test Process Monitoring and Independent Testing
  • Lessons Learned Database
  • Section 508 Assessments